Executive Programme for Working Professionals (EPWP) - 2011-12

Course Instuctor: Prof. M N Tripathi
Room No.222, Ext. 822
Direct tel: 0674-3983822
Fax: 0674-2300995

Course Outline


This course is meant for all working professionals who have not had the opportunity before, but are desirous of pursuing a marketing career. it is also a basic appreciation course for all professionals not working in the Marketing function. The course serves to familiarise participants with basic marketing concepts,environment,strategies and methodology. The aim would be to develop skill sets to tackle marketing applications under different business situations.


It shall include selected readings and cases. The pedagogy would be a combination of lecture sessions and case discussions. The course participants are expected to read all the background readings before coming to class so that they can effectively participate in classroom discussion. It is expected that all participants must sufficiently be knowledgeable enough to discuss meaningfully in class to internalise the various nuances in the concepts.

The course would be covered in 8 sessions of 120 minutes each.

The following topics would be covered in the sessions
  • Introduction to Marketing - Needs and wants, Marketing Myopia
  • Marketing Mix, PLC
  • Segmentation and Positioning
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Pricing
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Control


Session To be covered Readings Case
1 Introduction to marketing, Orientations to the market, Needs and wants,Marketing Myoepia, Strategic Planning Models, Customer value and satisfaction, Customer Lifetime value Chapters 1,2 & 5
Marketing Myoepia
Introduction to Marketing MM I.ppt
Strategic Marketing Planning.ppt
Haldiram's Group - seeking the 'right' marketing mix
2 Understanding marketing mix, marketing segmentation, Market targeting and target marketing, Segmentation strategies Chapter 8
What the hell is Market Oriented?
What the hell is Market Oriented.pdf
Targeting & Segmentation.ppt
3 Product differentiation, Differentiation strategies, Positioning stances, positioning strategies , Product life cycle Chapter 11 &12
Positioning Revisited

Positioning and PLC.ppt
Indian Home Products (P) Ltd.
4 New product development,Product levels and hierarchies,Product mix strategies, Brand management Chapters 12&20
Product and Brand Management.ppt
5 Pricing, setting prices, pricing strategies, setting adapting to competitor pricing Chapter 14
How to fight a price war?
How to fight a  Price War.doc
How do you know when the price is right?
How Do You Know When the Price Is Right.doc
The Case of the Pricing Predicament
6 Channel management , Channel selection, Channel strategy, Channel conflict, Physical distribution, Logistics management Chapters 15&16
Distribution and Logistics.ppt
7 Marketing Communication, Communication models, The role of advertising, Sales promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing Chapters 17&18

Marketing Communications.ppt
A & A Electric Limited of India
8 Marketing control, efficiency parameters, marketing effectiveness and audit Chapter 13 & 22
The Marketing Audit comes of age
The Marketing Audit Comes Of Age.doc
Monitoring and Control.ppt

Cases would be given a couple of days before it is taken up in class. Participants are advised to thoroughly analyze the case prior to coming to class. Any participant may be invited to present the case in class.


Attendance and class participation 20%
Assignment 20%
End term Examination 60%

The assignment would be individual and may involve other functional knowledge which is also being imparted in your programme. The End Term exam shall cover the full course along with the articles given to you for supplemental reading.



1) Marketing Management - A South Asian Perspective - Kotler, Keller, Koshy, Jha

Optional Readings

1) Positioning - Al Ries and Jack Trout
2) Marketing Warfare - Al Ries and Jack Trout
3) The Hidden Persuaders - Vance Packard

Magazines and Newspapers

1) Business India
2) Business World
3) Business Today
4) Brand Equity

1)The Economic Times
2)The Financial Express
3)The Business Standard